Construction silicone to keep buildings dry and energy efficient.

Building the future with silicone building material

Professionals in the construction sector, whether they are erecting new buildings or renovating old ones, need high-performance and cost-effective silicones for a wide range of applications. Silicones are used in the formulation of paints, bonding materials, sealants, cable insulators, as well as for architectural molding to replicate stone and marble. Elkem Silicones has been supplying innovative high performance, cost effective and easy-to-use products to the construction industry for over 50 years.

For new buildings and in reno​vation, we provide a full range of solutions:

  • Bluesil™ architectural paint for enhanced colors and long-lasting protection
  • Bluesil™​ water repellent ingredients for long-lasting protection and reliability
  • Buesil™ sealants for flexible joints between construction materials as well as for waterproofing windows, doors, facades etc.
  • Bluesil™ silicone based raw materials for the formulation of construction materials
  • Bluesil™ elastomers for profiles, cables, architectural molding etc.
  • Bluesil™ RTV-2 for replication of stones and other construction materials

Our expert teams can provide advice on the choice of products, hands-on training for your technicians and operators, and assistance for dealing with regulatory and compliance issues. For more information regarding the Declaration Of Performance, (Dop) ​​consult our specific page.​​

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