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Elkem Silicones' elastomers are unique mineral-plastic hybrids that outperform rubber, plastics and organic polymers. Their outstanding and versatile properties, applicable to a great variety of applications from baby-bottle nipples to automotive connectors, include heat stability in extreme conditions, ageing resistance, high resistance and non-toxicity. They are also widely used in silicone composite molding, as well as silicone vacuum bags for infusion molding.

Our Mix & Fix® centers, located in the heart of major elastomer and rubber producing regions, closely respond to customer needs. Besides supplying master batches, they advise customers and provide them with custom-made formulations from the Bluesil™ HCR (High Consistency Rubber) range with very short lead times that meet their specifications and are compatible with their manufacturing requirements.

Our expert teams can also provide hands-on training for your technicians and operators and can assist you in understanding regulatory compliance issues.

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