Silicones Innovation

We consider innovation to be a part of our DNA and a key to our company's profitable growth

We Create Agile Innovation

Since 1944, we have continuously sought to develop new technologies, new processes and new solutions to address our customers' needs. In a flexible environment, we question the status quo, we generate new ideas and we move one step beyond, in close cooperation with our customers.

300 Researchers Worldwide

  • 130 researchers in our Lyon Research & Innovation Center
  • 115 researchers in our Shanghai & Xinghuo Research Center
  • 30 researchers in our North America Research Center
  • 25 researchers in our 6 Technical Centers in Europe, Latin America & Asia

We are dedicated to open innovation

We enjoy moving faster through our dynamic Network! Our open innovation culture is geared to respond effectively and rapidly to the needs of very diverse markets, today and in the future.

We are constantly sourcing innovation opportunities inside/outside the company to develop and commercialize new silicone technologies. ‪Our relationships with outside experts allow us to quickly identify new technologies or to work on new developments in existing technologies. We cooperate with a broad range of partners: business and industrial partners, universities and research centers, competitive clusters, start-ups and many other institutions throughout the world.

Discover more about innovation at Elkem Silicones

  • Products and process innovations

    Almost 230 researchers work every day throughout the world to develop environmentally friendly processes and adapt and create new products for new markets. The R&D, sales, marketing and operations departments work closely together to understand and anticipate customer needs, develop solutions and manufacture new products.
  • Open Innovation

    Collaboration is increasingly important for successful innovation. Open innovation means that we share ideas and create value, and open the mind to new possibilities. Identifying potential partners and developing relationships with customers, suppliers, research institutions, government authorities and financial markets is therefore an integral part of Elkem’s innovation strategy.

Silicone Manufacturer

Elkem Silicones, a global integrated silicone manufacturer, proud of the personal touch that embodies our products and services.

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